The (Almost) Compleat Guide To Donald Trump’s Gay Art

I’m conflicted about this.

On one hand, you have this person who’s so nasty that he’s in the process of taking away almost everything the LGBTQ community has been fighting for, so obviously depicting Donald Trump as a gay person, something that he isn’t and is apparently fighting against, should be a huge blow, especially to homophobes (ie, those who elected him).

On the other hand, it’s arguable that these pieces have a layer of attack against the queer community. That drawing Trump (and other characters) as gay is rooted in homophobia. This solidifies the notion that being gay is a bad thing, and Trump is a bad thing, so they make sense together.

That said, here are some (probably NSFW) drawings that feature Trump in gay situations.

First up, Trump and Putin (plus guests).

Mural in Lithuania of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin kissing, by Mindaugas Bonanu.


After the original Lithuanian mural (above) was vandalized, the artist remade it, this time with Trump and Putin exchanging marijuana smoke. Art by Mindaugas Bonanu.


Trump and Putin making out on Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Click here for the full video.

Trump and Putin k-i-s-s-i-n-g, by Daryl Cagle.


Bromance for Bullies. By Dave Grandlund.


Where’s my Shirt? by Mike Luckovich.


Inaugural Ball Dance. By Chris Britt.


Grab Him by the Balls. By Felix Schaad.


Come to Bed. By Chris Britt.


Marriage. By Mike Luckovich.
Embrace Facism Threesome with Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong Un. By Dale Rawlings.


And the rainbow-filtered version. By Dale Rawlings.


Afterglow. By Robert Williamson.


Putin and Pregnant Trump. Campaign for an app called “Hater.” Artist unknown.


Then we have Trump in drag.

Trans Trump. By Clay Jones.


Mr. Tax Dodger. By Chris Britt.


Some of Trump with Steve Bannon.

Lady Liberty walking in on Bannon and Trump. By Pedro Molina.


Bannon Screwing Trump Screwing Lady Liberty. By Mariann Kamensky.


And Trump with other men. Oh, Trump. You’re such a slut.

Trump kissing FBI Director James Comey. By Mike Luckovich.


Trump Kissing Boris Johson. Artist Unknown.


And finally, Donkey Show Trump.

Donkey-Humped Trump. By Lalo Alcaraz.


Did I miss anything?

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Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta

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